Friday, 4 December 2015


Lego Technical Fallacy

consists of Legal Fallacy + Technical Fallacy

So, If you pose a challenge before the court that a complaint made against you by opposite party suffers from both legally & technically based wrong notions then that complaint suffers from lego-technical fallacy.

Remember that, a legally wrong complaint can be allowed by a judge using his discretionary powers in good faith. Similarly, acting in good sense, the same judge can also allow a technically invalid complaint BUT when a complaint against you suffers from both legal & technical fallouts/ wrongs/ invalidity then the judge even in good faith can NOT ratify it because in that case he has acted against the law & also acted against the technicality. Hence, lego technical fallacy is an important legal terminology coined by the famous 498a fighter Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir. This also marks the beginning of a new era in fight against gender discrimination in India. It is important3to note here that the lego technical fallacy concepts can be applied to any country laws where democratic & secular set up is followed in judiciary.

Examples of Lego-Technical Fallacy:-
A Wife files false complaint under her maiden name i.e., changes back to her maiden name without getting divorce.
LAW IS NOT A KEEP / CONCUBANT OF A WIFE & hence the law does NOT allow a wife or anyone to file a court case by concealing his/her true legal identity which is also known as identity fraud. Hon'ble Atur Chatur Sir can be contacted for further guidance about through his email id:-